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Premier Properties is leading the way in commercial and residential Real Estate in Rapid City and throughout the Black Hills. Pat Hall founded Premier Properties, LLC.

Premier Properties business philosophy is deceptively simple: Combine aggressive marketing with experienced and committed professionals, you will get SUCCESS! Premier Properties spends more than 10 times what most real estate offices spend on marketing for their clients. What does this mean for you? Aggressive marketing exposes  your property to more buyers. Exposure to more buyers leads to a higher selling price. Combine this with our experience negotiating real estate transactions and Premier Properties will sell your real estate faster and for the best possible price.

The secret to a successful real estate transaction is obvious; choose your real estate professional carefully. A Broker who has complete knowledge of the local market, and extensive negotiating abilities can save you time, time, money, and countless problems.

Choose wisely,
Premier Properties, not business as usualÖ

Pat Hallís four decades of achievements in South Dakota real estate speaks for itself. Pat has been in the top 1% of all realtors in production for the past 40 years. As one of Rapid Cityís most respected developers, Patís unique blend of experience, skill, and vision, has brought him to the forefront of development with the ability to identify and create truly remarkable properties. As a distinctive entrepreneur, Patís knowledge brings and exceptional asset to his clients.

Email:    Pathall@premierpropertiesblackhills.com